Carbon, low & high alloy steels including corrosion and heat resistant steels, Al & Cu alloys. Development & supply of metallic, wooden & epoxy patterns. Investment casting of intricate products.

Equipped With

Induction furnace – 75 kW, capacity 200 kg steel, Make : Inductoheat, Australia. Shell Core Shooter (Horizontal). Parting Line- 250×250 mm, Make: Span, Pune. Semi Automatic Molding Machine-Plate size-640×400 mm, Make Span, Pune. Investment Casting Machineries & Equipment.

Forge Shop

Development of critical forged components for Automobiles, Defense, Agricultural & Engineering industries. Open die forgings, such as shafts, gears, blanks, tools etc.

Equipped With

Friction Drop Hammer 1 ton capacity, Make: NSE, Pneumatic Power Hammer- 500 kgs. capacity, Make NSE. Trimming press 120 Ton capacity. Automatic Band saw machine – 245 mm capacity. Billet Shearing Machine – 75 mm capacity. Gas fired forging furnaces.

Machine Shop

Precision machining of engineering components. Dies for sheet metal and forged components.

Equipped With

EDM machine -C 60, 600 x 400 mm – Make Toolcraft. Milling, Surface Grinding and lathe machines – Make HMT & PRAGA. Radial Drill Machine. HMT. Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder. Vertical Milling Machine & CNC Machining Centre.

Heat Treatment Shop

Normalising, Annealing, Stress relieving, Hardening & Tempering of engineering components. Heat treatment of Aluminum and copper alloy components. Salt bath heat treatment.

Equipped With

Electric furnace 1300 C(F.A.C.) FAC pit furnace 750 C(F.A.C.) Low temp. oven 350 C. CNG salt bath furnace.