• Assist in product development & process improvement in small scale casting & forging industries. Design, development and installation of Fuel efficient Divided Blast cupola furnaces. Design, development and installation of Air pollution abatement systems retrofitted over cupola, induction furnaces & forge stock reheating furnaces. Bankable Techno-economic feasibility reports for new foundry and forging industries. Modernization and diversification studies for existing small scale foundry & forging units. Turnkey Projects for establishing Foundry & Forging unit.


Cluster Development Activities


    • Carrying out Diagnostic/process study. Preparation of Project proposal and project implementation for setting up of CFC. Capacity building of entrepreneurs & artisans of the cluster through focused training. Assistance in cluster development activities in the country.


  • Preparation of detailed diagnostic report to setting up of common demo project including imparting training to entrepreneurs and artisans.